Things Change

Plans change. I was originally lined up to work with Intermedia Arts to complete the 180 hours of field experience I need to graduate. Another opportunity presented itself that can better guarantee a definite time schedule between now and mid-August.

Circus Juventas is a circus performing arts school in St. Paul. One of their coaches is in my M.Ed. in Youth Development Leadership program. They have a spring show these next two weeks. I’m working as Audio Engineer, preparing and creating the playlist of sound files in the computer playback system. I will also be running sound on some performances. This is my introduction to the organization, giving me an idea of how they operate.

Next, Juventas is going to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington D.C. this summer to perform on the National Mall. I may be involved, I’m not sure yet.

Then the summer show, NORÐRSAGA, will be in late July through mid-August. Juventas is recruiting a few teens who are interested in learning about sound for me to coach. This will be the bulk of my field experience. At the end, I hope to have a decent manual and documentation about the Circus Juventas sound workings.

August 28th is scheduled for the late-summer portfolio presentation day for YDL. Once I present, I graduate (provided all other requirements are met; I still have a few incompletes to work through).

Go cue one!