Intermedia Arts: Episode 1

Picture it. Minneapolis. 2017. The future is nigh.

I met with Intermedia Arts to discuss an opportunity for my field experience. It seems very promising. Here’s a run-down of my thoughts so far.

This degree is not just “Youth Development,” but “Youth Development Leadership.” I am highly skilled in many technical aspects, and often work independently with direction from program managers. People approach me as an expert. To “stretch,” I need to step into the forefront of program technology use, and not just build a system based on what I’m asked to do, but provide insight and input into program development and activities, and how technology can benefit the model.

  • Previously: Listen + Build.
  • Next: Listen + Direct then Build.
What is the purpose of your field experience? Why do you want to do it?
  • Enhance integration of technology into youth arts programs
  • Building the youth program will build the overall organization
What questions do you want to explore, study, and test?
  • How to get input from youth and program staff into technology wishes
  • Create a documented learning & development process
What theories you will draw on and apply in your field experience?
  • Logic model
  • Communication theories
What are some of the things you hope to learn?
  • Learn non-tech speak used by youth and staff
  • Build tolerance for non-tech limits of technical knowledge
  • Understand layperson view of technology
What are some of the skills you hope to gain or strengthen?
  • Listen and direct
Major activities and goals
  • What is built for youth development can be utilized beyond youth programming
  • Social media: develop Intermedia Arts online strategy and build brand identity across all platforms
  • Stage Management mentorship with youth in tech booth during theatre events
  • Identify technical wants of programs and staff
  • Develop overall, long-term technology plan for youth programs department, as well as overall organization beyond the scope
  • Work with youth on technology integration
  • Participate in programming activities, related to technology development or not
List of Ideas, resources or connections you would like from YDL Faculty?
  • What struggles do youth works have with technology?
    • What can this field experience discover to resolve?
  • Historically relevant theories to consider