Intermedia Arts: Episode 1

Picture it. Minneapolis. 2017. The future is nigh.

I met with Intermedia Arts to discuss an opportunity for my field experience. It seems very promising. Here’s a run-down of my thoughts so far.

This degree is not just “Youth Development,” but “Youth Development Leadership.” I am highly skilled in many technical aspects, and often work independently with direction from program managers. People approach me as an expert. To “stretch,” I need to step into the forefront of program technology use, and not just build a system based on what I’m asked to do, but provide insight and input into program development and activities, and how technology can benefit the model.

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  • Next: Listen + Direct then Build.
What is the purpose of your field experience? Why do you want to do it?
What questions do you want to explore, study, and test?
What theories you will draw on and apply in your field experience?
What are some of the things you hope to learn?
What are some of the skills you hope to gain or strengthen?
Major activities and goals
List of Ideas, resources or connections you would like from YDL Faculty?